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Teeth bleaching


Teeth bleaching

Tooth bleaching, also known as tooth whitening, is a common procedure of cosmetic dentistry.  Treatment details...

700,00 PLN

Whitening lamp BIO WHITE ACCELERATOR (in office)

What is the office whitening? Before surgery, the patient is thoroughly cleaned his teeth with toothpaste. Doctor a light gel lubricates to protect the gums. Next, a preparation containing approximately 30% hydrogen peroxide, cover the patient's teeth in places where they are to be bleached, usually the premolars. Then, for 20 minutes, the teeth are explained with a special blue light LED. In one treatment is composed of two or three phases of exposure. Every time the dentist removes the layer of the preparation and imposes a new one. The procedure takes about 40 minutes. More detailed information about the whitening can be found under "About whitening - questions and answers." At the end of bleaching, wait two weeks before changing the color of fillings or crowns the draw, in order to stabilize the color.  Treatment details...

900,00 PLN

Dead tooth bleaching (1 tooth)

Teeth after root canal treatment, especially for late or incorrectly made​​, they lose their natural color and are dark gray.  Treatment details...

250,00 PLN