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Periodontics arrow Teeth splinting (fibreglass)

Teeth splinting (fibreglass)

Price: 350,00 PLN

    Loose teeth can be uncomfortable due to biting pressures that cause the teeth to move and pull away from the gum.  Healthy teeth are fastened tightly into the jawbone by their roots and normal biting and chewing forces will not make them move.

    Loose teeth can be caused by an accident or gum disease. Some teeth are too loose to save and must be extracted and replaced with an implant or a bridge.

    Splinting is a process where the teeth are joined together to increase their strength.  Front teeth are the common areas that need splinting.  If two or more teeth become loose they can be joined to the surrounding, stable teeth. This procedure allows eating to become more comfortable again.

    After this process is completed these teeth will require special care.  Careful brushing and using a proxybrush are important to keep this difficult to clean area healthy.  Regular dental exams every three months will be necessary to maintain the care of the splint and insure good dental care.